National Student Survey

The National Student Survey is an annual survey, launched in 2005, of all final year undergraduate degree students at institutions in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom. The survey is designed to assess undergraduate students’ opinions of the quality of their degree programmes, with seven different scores published including an “overall satisfaction” mark.

NSS is conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Office for Students and the UK higher education funding bodies. You can find the full results for our Foundation Degree here.

Teaching on the Course

The students on the course were asked a series of questions about the teaching on the course. Those questions were ‘Are the staff on the course good at explaining things?’, ‘Have the staff on the course made the subject interesting?’, and ‘Has the course challenged you to achieve your best work?’. Here are the results.

Circomedia prides itself on not only the breadth but the quality of its teaching. Our goal is to deliver thorough tuition that is both engaging and informative. Our students reported that not only was our teaching clear, but teachers made the subjects interesting, ultimately enabling them to create their best work.

Circomedia Teachers & Teaching

Here at Circomedia, we have teachers from a multitude of circus and performance experience. Bringing a wide range of expertise to our ever-growing academy. If you’d like to know more about the courses teachers you can do so here.

Alongside lessons in subjects such as core skills, conditioning, dance, physical theatre, media, business, and artistic forms, students will receive intensive teaching in their chosen disciplines. The course is designed to cover everything you need to know for the professional world, no matter which direction you may take. You can find more information on our FDA course here.

Academic Support

The students on the course were asked a series of questions about the Academic support they received on the course. Those questions were ‘Were they able to contact staff when they needed to?’, and ‘Have they received sufficient advice and guidance in relation to their course?’. To the left are the results.

We aim to support you throughout your academic development, through approachable teaching, advice, and guidance.

We also provide support for graduates, alumni, and professionals in the form of artist support, advice, mentoring, development space, and residencies. Find out more here.

“I can’t really overstate how much Circomedia has done for me… Most of what is rich and interesting in my life now is a direct result of all [their] hard work. Thank you Circomedia!”

– Robin Boon Dale, circus performer and director

Learning Opportunities

We aim to give students as many learning opportunities as possible. In the National Student Survey, students were asked a series of questions about the opportunities we provided the course. Those questions included ‘Has the course provided you with opportunities to explore ideas or concepts in depth?’, and ‘Has the course provided you with the opportunities to apply what you have learnt?’. Here are the results.

Throughout the course, you will be provided the opportunity to develop your learning, ideas, and concepts through both practical and written work, applying these to both personal projects and collaborations.

What does the Course Cover?

The foundation degree covers a breadth of subjects, both practical and written. The first year includes a five-week introduction to aerial, acrobatics, and juggling. After this, you will specialise in two subjects alongside classes in physical theatre, movement, fitness and conditioning, contextual studies, and critical thinking. Alongside this will be various performance opportunities and assessments.

In the second year, you will specialise in more detail as you receive intensive teaching in just one chosen discipline. You will also explore performance styles such as clown, burlesque, stand-up comedy, narrative circus, political street theatre, and circus for camera. The second year is also the time to study business and media skills. You will also have the opportunity to create your own work and work with others.

For a more thorough breakdown of what the course covers please visit the Foundation Degree page or enquire about our prospectus.

Learning and Community

Circomedia is not only an academy but a family. Our community reaches people of all walks of life from toddlers all the way through to our adult students. We believe that our wide range of teaching and outreach opportunities help create a community that is both varied, welcoming, and cohesive. The results from the National Student Survey corroborate this.

The students were asked if ‘they feel part of a community of staff and students’, and if ‘they had the right opportunities to work with other students as a part of their course’. To the left are the results. These scores represent our commitment to creating a comfortable environment in which our students can learn and train.

“If you’re looking for a space where you can really experiment, push your boundaries and take circus in any new direction, then Circomedia really supports that.”

-Iona, BTEC & BA graduate