Home Edition Activity Pack 4

Each week during Lockdown 2021, we’re bringing you a jam-packed circus activity pack to keep you busy at home. We’ll include exercise and warm-up worksheets to keep your circus skills fresh, fun activities like wordsearches and crosswords, and a trick of the week – just for fun! In Activity Pack 4 you’ll find…

Alan’s Adequate Aerobics for Adaptable Acrobats – It’s a bit of a mouthful! But this aerobic workout will get you warmed up for all things acrobatic.

Handstands Conditioning Workout It takes some serious strength to hold yourself upside down. Here’s how to train those muscles for increased stability and control.

St Paul’s Spot The Difference – Can you spot the differences in our two (imaginary) tutor party scenes at St Paul’s church? And how many tutors can you spot?

Trick of the Week: Diabolo Dunk – Alan shows off his skills on the basketball court with just a diabolo and a hoop. How far can you dunk from?

You can download the full Activity Pack 4 here (PDF), or click on the titles to download individual sheets!


Psst! You can check your Spot The Difference answers here!


Trick of the Week: Diabolo Dunk