A strong core is essential to keep you supple and injury-free, and it helps with absolutely every circus discipline from juggling to balancing, acrobatics to aerial.

Download your workout sheet here.

Try this 7-minute workout to keep your core muscles strong and supple. Aim for a few times a week – it will feel hard at first, but it will get easier the more you practice!

Your core muscles are the set of muscles located around your tummy and lower back area – they keep you stabilised and balanced, and help you move freely without getting injured. It’s great to have a strong core for any part of life, and you’re using your core pretty much all the time without using it.

For circus skills, you’re using your core every time you balance, bend, turn upside down, swing, jump…the list is endless! Whilst you can’t practice on all your equipment at home, if you work at strengthening your core using this exercise sheet you will find that it’s much easier to start your discipline again when classes start again.

Perhaps your siblings, parents or other family members want to try it too? It’s a great indoor workout!

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