Activity Pack 5 Website Cover

Home Edition Activity Pack 5

Download Activity Sheets For:
Maddie’s Anytime Yoga-Style Stretch
Rae’s Leg Toners
Silks Grip Strength Training
Circus Code Breaker
Tricks of the Week: Knot So Simple & Apple Anatomy

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Activity Pack 2 Website Cover

Home Edition Activity Pack 2

Download Activity Sheets For:
Elly’s Abs Ladder Workout
Trapeze Pull-Up Bar Workout
Circus In Spanish Worksheet
Circus Jokes & Facts
Trick of the Week: Handstand T-Shirt Trick

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Acro Sofa-batics banner

Acro: Sofa-batics

In Sofa-batics Rachel shows you some simple, solo acrobatic tricks that you can try using nothing but your body and your sofa.

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Juggling Hats Banner

Juggling: Hats

Rachel K shows us how to juggle hats, using a proper juggling hat or a regular baseball cap.

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Aerial Footlocks Banner

Aerial: Footlocks

Maddie shows us how to practice aerial footlocks at home, using just a chair and a long piece of fabric.

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