Difficulty: Hard

Safety Warning: Couch Acro 3 is a bit trickier than our previous couch videos, so only try this trick if you’re ready. However, practicing on a sofa makes it a bit safer – you still need to make sure the area around you is clear though.

Tilly is back with Couch Acro 3, another video of tricks to try on your own sofa! These tricks are great if you don’t have a lot of space to do acro at home. Don’t forget to check out Couch Acro 1 and Couch Acro 2 as well!

Practising a handstand on a sitting base’s knees is a difficult trick. It’s great for drilling your handstands though, and particularly helps with opening out your shoulders. It also lets you practice handstands on an elevated surface!

Tilly shows us how the base should sit, with their legs firmly locked and sitting up nice and straight. The base can help the flyer up by spotting their hips. Or, they can spot their shoulders and really help the flyer open out their shoulders by locking their shoulder joints with their hands.

Listen carefully to Tilly and Will’s tips on how to avoid wobbling or falling. They also demonstrate how to safely (but not gracefully!) fall onto the sofa if you aren’t secure!

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