Difficulty Level: Easy

Safety Warning: Make sure you warm up first, particularly your wrists and shoulders. Work in pairs so that one person can spot the other. Spotters, make sure you are keeping

In this special 2-parter, Alan and Brenna show you all the handstand basics from partner drills to pike ups!

Handstand Basics Part 1 – Easy

In Handstand Basics Part 1, Alan explains how to warm up your arms, wrists and shoulders properly before you start. Then, he shows you a set of partner handstand drills – holding a 45, 30 and 15 second handstand with your partner holding your legs. As you get confident, the spotter can hold on a bit less so that you start to gain your balance!

If you’re just starting out, try these over a few days first as you’ll find it hard work! If you’re a bit more experienced, you can now move on to the second video!

Handstands Basics Part 2 – Medium

In Handstand Basics Part 2, you’ll learn some solo handstand drills. First, Alan shows you two drills against the wall – with your back to the wall and with your stomach to the wall. You can vary how close you are to the wall, and some will feel scarier than others. Go at your own pace and build up to the scarier ones.

Then, Brenna will show you some alternatives to kicking into a handstand. You’ll learn a straddle up, a tuck up and a pike up. For each one Brenna will talk you through correct alignment, and you’ll try each one five times.

Take a break if you need to! If you’re worried about tipping over you can either get somebody to spot you or slightly underreach, so that you don’t reach your tipping point.

Finally, Brenna shows you some great stretching out exercises for opening up your shoulders and combating some of the tension from your drills.

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