Difficulty Level: Hard

Safety Warning: Use a solid surface for your handstand drills – avoid doors, or just behind doors where somebody could knock you over. Clear a space for coming up and down and be wary of kicking anything!

Handstands don’t take much space, and you’ve got ages to perfect them. Get started with Lewis! Acrobatics: Handstands 1 is perfect for our students who’ve got some acrobatics and balancing experience, or who want to work a bit harder and do some handstand drills to perfect their technique.

Even though you don’t need lots of space make sure you’re safe and working with an adult if you need to.

Lewis shows you how to warm your wrists up safely. He then demonstrates handstand drills against a wall to help you open out your shoulders and perfect your line. He’s also got some helpful exercises on the floor to help with this using anything around your home. You can try these daily to make big improvements in your handstand technique!

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