Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: Adult, always spot your acrobats! Make sure you practice on a soft, carpeted surface or mat and don’t continue if it is hurting your head a lot. Be aware of neck safety in particular.

In Headstands 1, Rachel shows you the basics of how to do a headstand!

Learn how to place your hands and head in a triangle position and gently walk your feet in to a headstand position.

You can use any item with corners and straight lines to help you get your triangle shape. Try a yoga mat, a sofa cushion , or even a triangle made from newspaper.

When you have your hands and head in the right place practice walking your feet in. Then gently lift your feet up into your headstand!

If you keep falling out of your headstand, use a wall to balance you. Or, use the edge of a sofa, armchair or bed. Of course, you can also get a family member to spot you!

When you’ve finished, roll your wrists and neck out gently to warm down.

When you’ve mastered Headstands 1, keep an eye out for Headstands 2 coming next week!

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