Difficulty: Medium

Safety Warning: Make sure you’ve properly warmed up your whole body first. Do something active to get your heart rate up and your muscles warm.

Alice shows us how to do two different acro moves: the Y Stand & Scorpion.

First, Alice shows us how to do the Y Stand or Y Balance. For this, it’s really important to warm up your inner thighs and shoulders first.

Use your hand to bring the same foot up the side of your body, and straighten out with your leg in a Y shape. If you’re not flexible enough to reach your foot straight away, try using a belt or piece of fabric to get your foot up. You can then pull it in gradually to increase your flexibility.

Next, Alice shows us how to do the Scorpion. For this one, make sure you do some side stretches and back stretches to warm up – Alice suggests some moves to try.

When you’re warmed up, lift up one foot behind you and bring it up behind your head, holding on with both hands reaching over the top of your head.

To build up to a full scorpion, you can use a belt or piece of fabric. This allows you to gradually work on getting your foot closer to your head.

Try your Y Stand & Scorpion moves on a regular basis to increase your flexibility. Don’t forget to practice on both sides!

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