Difficulty: Medium

Safety Warning: This video shows you how to safely practice aerial on the ground, but if you are lucky enough to have a silk or rope at home be careful practicing these climbs in the air!

Missing climbing things at home? Maddie is too! To keep you practicing at home, Maddie shows you how to practice your climbing basics on the ground.

Climbing is mostly used for ascending silks and rope. Perhaps you’re an expert climber, but you need to keep practising to remember it all? Or, perhaps you’ve never had time in class to really master those foot wraps – now’s your chance!

Using a long piece of fabric, Maddie shows you a French Climb wrap and a Russian Climb wrap. You just need to sit on a chair or sofa for this so it’s really easy to practice at home. Practice your climbing basics lots of times, on both feet, so that when we come back to class you can remember everything straight away!

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