Difficulty: Hard

Safety Warning: Don’t put any weight on your ‘silk’ – this is just designed to help you practice the wrap! If you are lucky enough to have a proper silk at home, only practice this move if you’ve done it before in class as it’s an advanced move.

Maddie shows us how to practice an advanced silk wrap at home, to take us from S Lock to Curly Wurly. This is perfect if you don’t have your own silk at home!

If you’ve not quite got to this move yet, don’t worry – you can still practice on the ground and it will help when you get to practising it in class!

Once you’ve locked one end of your material to a drawer, or door handle, lie back on the floor to make your silk shape.

To start your S lock, you start in a catchers wrap. Maddie reminds us how to get into this (you can watch her separate video on catchers if you’re not sure) and then shows us how to get into S lock.

Then, Maddie demonstrates going from S lock into curly whirly wrap – from this, you’ll be able to drop in a star shape. You can practice rolling out of this – watching Maddie’s elegant demonstration to help you!

S Lock to Curly Wurly is really useful to try at home, so that when we’re back in class it’s fresh in your mind. It’s also useful to try this one whilst you’re not actually upside down!

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