Difficulty: All Levels

Safety Warning: This challenge uses video call, so make sure you check out the safety and security of your chosen site first. Always make sure you have your parents’ permission to work with your friend(s) online!

Tilly and Elissa show you a great home choreography challenge that you can do remotely with your friends! Using a game called Add On, you’ll build a sequence of moves together until you have a whole finished piece of choreography.

It’s really simple – one of you will do a move, and the other will repeat the first move and add their own move on next. Keep doing this, taking it in turns to add a move on. Soon, you’ll have a whole sequence of moves!

We’d love to see your home choreography! Why not record your videos – either separately, or on a split screen video call, like Tilly and Elissa do? Lots of safe and secure video call providers allow you to record your calls.

Once you’ve recorded your videos, upload them to our secure OneDrive site here. You can also let us know by email if you are happy for your child’s video to be shared on our website, on social media, or both.

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