Difficulty: Medium

Safety Warning: Warm up first, and work at your own pace to avoid over-stretching or pulling muscles.

Jono leads you through a 4 minute core workout. Core strength is really important for any physical activity because it helps prevent injury and keep your body balanced and aligned.

You will be doing 4 exercises over 4 minute. Each exercise begins with a rest position for 20 seconds, followed by the exercise for 40 seconds.

These timings can be increased or decreased to suit the individual. Jono suggests 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off if you want to try an easier variation.

Alternatively you can try 15 seconds off and 45 seconds on if you want a harder workout.

Once you have warmed up you are ready to follow along with Jono.

  • The rest position that starts each exercise is a ‘tuck and roll’. This is a continuous rocking motion that helps to stretch out and relax your muscles. Take nice deep breaths while doing this.
  • Dish – Elevate your shoulders and heels just off the floor and hold.
  • Rest Position
  • Straddle Swaps – Still in a dish position, but this time you hold your legs in straddle and alternate crossing them over each other.
  • Rest Position
  • Pulses – A tiny bounce through your whole body while in your dish.
  • Rest Position
  • Russian Twists – Sitting up, balancing on your bum, with your knees tucked and heels lifted. You should then twist your body from side to side tapping the floor with your hands.

Jono suggests that if at any point you need a break from an exercise you should simply go back to your rest position until you are ready to continue.

Once you have finished the workout you can follow Jono for some cool down stretches as well.

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