Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: Adults, it’s advisable to spot your child as they find their balance. Always use a firm wall to lean on at first, and don’t try it without the wall until you are ready! Wear kneepads, elbow pads and a helmet to avoid injury if you do fall off.

In Beginners’ Unicycle, Tom shows you how to mount and ride your unicycle!

Tom demonstrates how to mount your unicycle using a wall for balance, and how to use the wall to learn how to balance on your unicycle. You’ll need to use the wall for a little while as you find your feet – a bit like using stabilisers on a bike. You can then try coming away from the wall, perhaps using a parent’s hand to help you.

Don’t worry if it takes a while! Take your time finding your balance, and eventually you’ll find it as easy as riding a bicycle.

If you don’t have your own unicycle, you can buy a decent one online for home delivery – if you want any advice on where to purchase one from, drop us an email.

Beginners’ Unicycle is our first unicycle video – keep an eye out for more advanced tricks coming soon!

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