Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: Make sure you have enough space to practice your hula hooping before you start

Time to dust off your hula hoops and learn a four-trick sequence with Elly!

In Hula Hoop 1, Elly walks you through four moves that you can use to create a stylish sequence! Learn each move first and practice them individually, then string them all together and practice your whole routine.

First, you’ll learn Around The Back To Waist. Then, Elly shows you the Elbow Catch & Flip, followed by a Step-Through move. To finish, you’ll learn a Two-Handed Coin Flip. Add some waist hooping in between, and you’ll have your very own hula hooping routine!

Don’t worry if you haven’t perfected your waist hooping yet – you can still learn these moves and practice your waist hooping at the same time!

If you haven’t got a hula hoop at home, why not order one online? We get a lot of our kit from Oddballs Juggling (and they even have a handy guide to choosing your hula hoop) – but there are plenty of places to order a hula hoop from.

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