Difficulty: Medium

Safety Warning: Make sure you warm up your feet and toes thoroughly – follow Val’s exercises below.

Val teaches us some antipodism! Antipodism is foot juggling whilst lying on your back – it;s great fun and you don’t need loads of space.

If you don’t have your own juggling balls, check out our earlier video on How To Make Juggling Balls.

First, Val shows us how to warm up our legs, feet and toes and stretch them out, increasing our mobility and flexibility. When you’re warmed up, you’re ready to start!

Then, Val shows us the correct leg position to start in. Once you’re in position, practice balancing the ball on your toes and move around to see if you can keep it balanced. You can also try balancing the ball on both feet.

Once you’ve got the hang of this, you can learn to throw the ball from your feet to your hands. Follow Val’s tips for keeping the ball in a straight line as you throw it.

Then, you can try throwing a ball from your hand and catching it on your foot! Again, follow Val’s tips for making this catch easier.

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