Difficulty: Medium

Safety Warning: These are quite safe to juggle with, but always be aware of your surroundings and try not to hit yourself with the boxes!

Jono is back with Cigar Boxes 2, showing you some more cigar box juggling tricks!

If you don’t have cigar boxes, check out our video on How To Make Cigar Boxes.

Today you’ll be learning some more complicated cigar box tricks.

First, Jono shows you a Shuffle Out, moving a cigar box from the end of the row to the middle of the row.

Next, you’ll learn how to Switch Ends, moving a cigar box from one end of the row to the other.

The third trick is called a Flair, where you spin each end block as you throw the middle block.

Jono then shows us how to do Take Downs and Take Outs, but this time with the box on the end of the row. If you haven’t tried these yet, check out Cigar Boxes 1 to try this trick.

The final trick is a bit trickier – you’ll be moving the boxes from a Stack to a Line.

Practice these tricks loads, and then try putting them into a routine! Maybe you could combine tricks from Cigar Boxes 1 and Cigar Boxes 2?

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