Difficulty: Medium

Safety Warning: Remember, clubs can hurt if dropped on toes – wear shoes to practice!

You’ll need three juggling clubs for this one. If you don’t have your own, you can order them online.

In Clubs 2, Els is back to show us another great club manipulation move, again with no throwing involved! This three-club windmill move looks really effective and isn’t too hard to learn. But, it will take a bit of practice!

First, Els shows us how to do the move with each club, flipping it up from between two fingers to your forearm and back down again. Practice this move in each hand a few times.

When you’ve mastered this, Els demonstrates how to move the clubs from hand to hand in the sequence. It will feel a bit slow at first, but practice lots, and you’ll be able to get really fast!

Once you’ve watched Clubs 2, go back and see Els’ other no-throw clubs move in her earlier video!

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