Difficulty: Medium

Safety Warning: Make sure you warm up your feet before you start. This move is quite safe, but always be aware of your surroundings when juggling.

Val shows us how to do foot catches with a juggling ball! In this video, you’ll learn how to do a standing foot catch, neatly catching the ball on your foot as you drop it.

First, Val shows us how to warm up our feet with some exercises to increase mobility and dexterity.

Then, Val demonstrates how to hold the ball on your foot by curling your toes and raising your outside arch. Practise moving your foot around with the ball balanced on it first, to get used to the feel of it. You can also try to walk with it – why not have a race with a partner?

After these warm up exercises, Val teaches us how to kick up the ball, from our foot to our hand. Then, you’ll be ready to practice throwing the ball from your hand to your foot!

This will take a few tries – Val gives us some tips on common mistakes to help with perfecting your throw and catch. Remember to practice your foot catches on both sides!

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