Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: Hats are quite safe to juggle with, but always be careful not to hit yourself or anyone around you when juggling!

Rachel K shows us how to juggle hats! You can use a proper juggling hat or bowler hat, or a regular baseball cap if that’s what you’ve got at home.

First, Rachel shows us how to throw a hat onto our head. She shows us how to angle the hat correctly and practice throwing and catching it first. When you’re ready to aim for your head, you can spot the inside of the hat to make it easier.

Next you’ll learn how to do a body roll with your hat. Rolling a hat along your arms and across your body looks very cool! Rachel shows us how to curve our arms correctly and flick our wrists to spin it across our bodies.

Both these tricks can be done with a juggling hat or a sun hat. Why not try other types of hats that you have at home? Just remember to ask the owner first!

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