Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: This one’s pretty safe as the ribbon is soft, but be careful of hitting anybody with your stick by accident! If you are doing cartwheels whilst twirling, follow Rachel’s instructions carefully.

Now that you’ve learnt How To Make Twirling Ribbons, Rachel B shows you how to do some ribbon twirling tricks!

First, Rachel gives you some top tips for not getting tangled when you’re twirling your ribbon, by gripping your stick correctly. Then she shows you how to do small circles and big circles.

Next, you’ll learn a figure of eight. Rachel also shows you how to throw and catch your ribbon, catching the stick AND the ribbon!

Finally Rachel shows you the side to side. Now, you can put all the moves together into a routine!

Once you’re more confident, you can start moving around whilst you’re twirling the ribbon. Rachel demonstrates a cartwheel, but you can do anything – jumps, balances, spins, dances!

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