Difficulty: Hard

Safety Warning: Work carefully with your partner, ensuring that you don’t accidentally hurt one another. If you are working with somebody who’s a different size to you, you might need to adjust reps depending on who is the flyer or the base. Follow Rowan’s instructions carefully and use a spotter if you feel unsafe. Don’t attempt candlestick lifts if you haven’t practiced these before!

Time to get circus strong with Rowan! With help from Aimee, Rowan shows you how to do some partner acro conditioning moves to stay strong and toned at home.

It’s often fun to work with a friend or family member when you’re training, and partner acro conditioning moves show you how to work together and help each other.

First, Rowan shows us Partner Push-Ups to work your arms – including how to vary the difficulty. Next, it’s Partner Leg Raises for your core leg strength. The Wheelbarrow Resistance exercise strengthens your core, gluts and upper legs. Candlestick Lifts are recommended if you’ve done the Candlestick acro move before, and will strengthen your core and balance. Finally, Piggyback Squats will work your legs!

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