Difficulty: Hard

Safety Warning: These moves are difficult – make sure you warm up first. Use a clear, open space, and make sure you are practicing with an appropriate partner. Always get a third person to spot you if you’re not confident, and skip out any moves you don’t feel comfortable with.

Rowan takes you through some partner acrobalance moves, with help from his acro partner Aimee!

For each partner acrobalance move, Rowan will talk you through the correct technique for the base and the flyer. Make sure you pay close attention, to avoid injury and keep you both safe.

First, he shows you a Calf Stand, and if you are comfortable, shows you how to walk in this hold. Next, Rowan demonstrates a Split Lever – make sure your flyer is comfortable with their splits for this one! If you’re comfortable with this, try the Advanced Split Lever – but be aware this is an advanced move.

The next one is Figurehead – think Titanic! Then, Rowan shows you a variation called Stand Up to Figurehead.

Finally, you’ll learn a Planche Counter-Balance. This one is a good core strengh workout for both of you, but is hard – so don’t worry if it takes a few tries.

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