Difficulty: Medium

Safety Warning: As always with poi, make sure you have plenty of space and won’t hit anything (or anyone!) with your poi!

In Poi Spinning 3, Elly shows you two variations on your 3-beat weave! If you haven’t yet mastered your 3-beat weave, go back to Elly’s earlier video and practice that first.

First, Elly shows you how to do a trick called Under The Leg. You’ll start with your dominant hand and just one poi, learning how to spin one of the poi under your leg on the third beat.

When you’ve got the hand of that, Elly will show you how to add in your second poi. Try with both hands leading to get really good!

Then, you’ll learn the Backwards Weave. For this, you’re reversing the direction of your 3-beat weave.

These are difficult tricks, so don’t worry if it takes you a few tries!

Remember, if you don’t have your own poi, Elly shows you How To Make Sock Poi in an earlier video.

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