Difficulty: Medium

Safety Warning: Warm up first, and work at your own pace to avoid over-stretching or pulling muscles. For this workout you will also require space to move around in so remove anything breakable in the vicinity.

In this workout Jono leads you through some of his favourite dynamic aerial tricks that he has turned into ground based conditioning.

Jono takes you step by step through each exercise and explains how it is connected to working dynamic aerial training. You’ll also get side by side comparisons with the aerial trick.

First up Jono shows you some variations of push ups by looking at jumping up on to a higher level and then back down again without losing momentum. This is then followed by ‘dragon push ups’. This is where you alternate your arms and legs into different positions.

Next you’ll do some parachute rolls. These are the simple act of rolling from a dish to an arch. These are really important because we pass through these two positions all the time in aerial without realising.

After this you can try Jono’s squat jump pirouettes. These are designed to help train your coordination in dynamic twists and turns.

The next exercise will see you practicing for your hocks beats and re-catch. Jono has developed a sequence you can use to keep your muscles strong while training your body coordination.

The final exercise looks at your front balance beats and pop to pike. Watch how Jono has developed a sequence of conditioning exercises to help recreate the muscles and energy used to keep this tricks sharp.

Make sure to cool down once you finish your training. If you want to try some more intense conditioning why not try Rowans’ Hanstand conditioning tutorial.

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