Difficulty: Medium

Jono shows you some partner conditioning exercises for strengthening your arms and legs! Grab a partner from your household, and take it in turns so that you both get a workout.

For all of these exercises, the person doing the exercises needs to lie flat on their back. Their partner resists their efforts to push their arms and legs in different directions.

If you’re spotting, remember to be gentle. You aren’t trying to force your partner’s arms and legs in the opposite direction, you are just offering some resistance to make them work their muscles!

Hold each position for 30 seconds. In the video, Jono will talk you through each exercise and you can then try the workout along with him. There’s even a helpful timer on the video!

  1. With your arms straight up, try to push your arms to the floor while your partner gently pushes them back.
  2. In the same position, move your arms to a 45 degree angle (back towards the floor) and try the same thing.
  3. Hold your arms off the mat above your head. Try to push your arms up to the ceiling while your partner tries to push them down to the mat.
  4. Hold your arms in a Y shape and try to push them to the ceiling, again with your partner trying to push them to the mat.
  5. Hold your arms straight above you and try to push them out to the sides while your partner pushes them in.
  6. With your legs pointing straight up try to push your legs together while your partner uses their arms to resist.
  7. In the same position, try to push your legs apart while your partner tries to keep them together.

When you’ve finished, shake your arms and legs out, and then swap over – it is partner conditioning after all!

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