Each week during Lockdown 2021, we’re bringing you a jam-packed circus activity pack to keep you busy at home. We’ll include exercise and warm-up worksheets to keep your circus skills fresh, fun activities like wordsearches and crosswords, and a trick of the week – just for fun! In Activity Pack 5 you’ll find…

Maddie’s Anytime Yoga-Style Stretch – This full-body stretching routine is quick and simple! Use it to warm up and stretch those muscles.

Rae’s Leg Toners – These ballet-inspired exercises will work all of your leg muscles and improve your stability and core strength.

Silks Grip Strength Training – Even if you can’t get in the air right now you can use these exercises to build your hand, finger, and arm muscles in the meantime.

Circus Code Breaker – Can you crack the code? Translate the text, written with circus symbols, to reveal a hidden circus rhyme!

Tricks of the Week: Knot So Simple & Apple Anatomy – Two short tricks this week from Val and Jono! Can you learn to magically tie a knot in the air, or hulk out on an apple?!

You can download the full Activity Pack 5 here (PDF), or click on the titles to download individual sheets!

Circus Code Breaker Challenge (Cipher & Coded Message)

Activity Pack 5 Code breaker cipher
Activity Pack 5 Code breaker

Psst! You can check your Code Breaker answers here!

Tricks of the Week: Knot So Simple & Apple Anatomy

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