Difficulty: Hard

Safety Warning: Make sure you warm up properly first, getting your heart rate up and your muscles warm. Try Maddie’s mobility video to get prepared!

Lewis shows us how to work towards a handstand press with some conditioning drills.

You can download an exercise sheet to help you here.

First, Lewis shows us how to safely warm up our wrists. Then, he gets to work on active flexibility – this is the key to getting your handstand press.

The first exercise Lewis shows us is a Straddle, using a shoe to push our straddle as much as possible.

Next, use a wall to practice your Pike, walking your hands in towards your feet as far as possible.

Finally, work your Handstand Negative as slowly as possible – this will build up your strength. Really focus on holding the hardest part, at the bottom, as much as you can!

The more you practice these moves, the better your handstands will get. Get a spotter to help you if you need to, and remember that the warmer you are, the easier you will find the stretching.

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