Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: Clear a space so you have room to move without knowing anything over. Push your sofa against a wall if you can and remove anything breakable nearby.

In Sofa-batics part 1 Rachel shows you some simple, solo acrobatic tricks that you can try using nothing but your body and your sofa. These fun exercises are ideal for households where indoor space is limited.

Follow Rachel as she leads you in a quick warm up and stretch. Start with some jogging either on spot or around the room to get your heart rate up.

Next you can do some star jumps to get your arms and legs moving and ready to work. Finish off your warm up with some arm circles, and hip circles to loosen up your whole body.

After the warm up Rachel shows you a series of different rolls you can do off, on, over, and across your sofa. Each one of these uses techniques we use in all our fundamental acro and tumbling training such as log rolls, forward and backward rolls, and table top position.

Finally Rachel demonstrates different inverts you can try. There are headstands, shoulder stands, and even a variation assisted handstand. Each one of these inverts will then allow you to style and present your legs in different positions, but remember to point your toes.

Keep an out for the next instalment of sofa-batics part 2. Where Rachel will show how to practice different forms of balancing, and cartwheeling using your sofa.

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