Difficulty: Medium

Safety Warning: Make sure you warm up before trying these moves. Work at your own pace, and always use a spotter if you need one.

Rowan teaches us some solo balances to add to your acrobalance toolkit!

Don’t forget to warm up your wrists, neck, and back, and get your heart rate up before you begin. A great warm up video is Maddie’s mobility workout.

First, Rowan shows us how to do a Headstand, using your arms and head to balance.

Next, he shows us a variation on getting into a headstand – Crow to Headstand. You can also use this to get out of your headstand!

You can practice Headstand Exercises to improve your balance and core strength, going from tuck, pike or straddle into your headstand.

Another variation on headstand is the Yoga Headstand. If you get this one, you can try a Forearm Stand where your head isn’t taking any of the weight!

Rowan also shows us how to go from a normal Headstand to a Handstand. This one is a bit trickier, and we recommend having a spotter.

Rowan’s acro partner Aimee – one of our current third year degree students – then shows us a Croc Balance, using your hands and elbows to balance on a raised surface.

There’s loads of solo balances to try on your own in this video, and you’ll find the moves easier the more you try them!

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