Difficulty: Hard

Safety Warning: The standing in hands trick is difficult – Do a thorough warm up. Use a clear, open space, and make sure you are practicing with an appropriate partner. You should always using a spotter.

Rowan and Aimee teach you how to safely base and fly the acrobalance position ‘standing in hands’.

First Rowan walks you through the correct technique for holding your partners foot. The ball of the flyers foot should be sitting in the ball of the bases hand. With two fingers supporting the heel of the foot, the flyer should aim to point their foot slightly.

Rowan then demonstrates how the base uses his legs to help support the flyer through stepping up. First one leg and then the second, just like climbing steps.

If you are basing standing in hands you should squeeze your elbows into your side, and have you arms pointing directly upwards from your elbow.

The flyer needs to stay as tight as possible and allow your base to balance you, rather than trying to balance your self.

After this initial guide to learning standing in hands, Rowan demonstrates a few variations such as;

  • Stepping up with one leg assistance
  • Stepping up with no leg assistance
  • No grip standing in hands

Once you have mastered this first position you can try going to straight arm standing in hands. Rowan and Aimee demonstrate how to safely prepare for the trick.

It is strongly advised to use a spotter when working at this height.

To finish with Rowan and Aimee demonstrate a good conditioning exercise that will help you build up your strength, core, and stability.

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