Difficulty: Medium

Safety Warning: Warm up thoroughly before you start – this mobility video from Maddie is ideal. Clear your working space to ensure you don’t hit anything. Work gradually and build up to a full walkover. Use a spotter when you need to.

Rachel K shows you some drills for working towards forwards or backwards walkovers.

First, practice kicking up to a handstand on a wall. Then, go into a bridge stretch to practice pushing your shoulders up and out.

When you have practiced your bridge and handstand kicks, you can use tick tocks to practice kicking over. Use a soft elevated surface, such as a sofa, and gradually progress to a lower surface.

When you have mastered your tick tocks you can practice your bridge stand ups, lowering yourself into a bridge and standing up again. Again, use an elevated surface and get progressively lower until you are touching the floor.

When you are confident with all of these drills, try a spotted walkover. Read our tips below on how to spot walkovers.

Spotting a walkover:

  • The spotter should kneel on the ground just past where the flyer’s hands will touch down.
  • As the flyer places their hands to kick up in to the handstand, the spotter should place thier closest hand on the centre of the flyer’s back, in between the shoulder blades.
  • As the flyer’s hips arrive over their shoulders, the spotter then places their other hand on the flyer’s lower back.
  • The spotter is then well positioned to slow the flyer’s legs lowering to the ground and to assist the flyer in standing up.

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