Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: This is pretty safe when you’re practising on a chair, but if you’re lucky enough to have your own equipment at home make sure you are practising safely.

Maddie shows us how to practice aerial footlocks at home, using just a chair and a long piece of fabric. This is perfect for all the aerialists who are currently stuck on the ground!

You’ll need a long scarf or other piece of material – you could tie a few scarves together, perhaps. Sitting on a chair, with one end over your shoulder to make your ‘silk’ hang vertically, you’ll use a French wrap to start your foot lock. If you need to revise your French wrap, used when you do French climbing, check out Maddie’s earlier video on Silks & Rope Wraps.

Next, Maddie shows you how to bring the silk across the top of the foot and under to create a secure lock. Finally, she’ll show you how to take the wrap off using your foot.

Practice your footlocks loads of times, on both feet. When we come back your memory will be refreshed and ready to go!

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