Difficulty: All Levels

Safety Warning: In Cup balance you will be working with a cup full of water. You should only use a plastic cup, and never a glass.

In the cup balance challenge Sarah tasks you with moving your body around a space all while balancing a cup of water.

Make sure that you are working somewhere you don’t mind getting wet. Outdoors is best, but if you are working inside, try to avoid doing this activity over carpet.

You should also make sure you have permission to do this before you attempt it, just in case things getting a little soggy…

You’ll start your cup balance challenge by placing a plastic cup of water on your forehead.

Next you must try to lie down on your back without touching the cup with your hands.

From here, you will attempt to do a variation on a backwards roll while clasping the cup between your knees as you roll over.

As you straighten your legs out, you release the cup onto the floor and then pop your body out. You will then slide pass the cup through a cobra position and pick the cup up with your teeth.

From here you’ll sit back on to your heels and take your victory sip.

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