Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: Be very careful when balancing on things outside as you won’t have crash mats and the ground can be hard. Make sure you aren’t choosing something too high, and always ask an adult to spot you if needed.

Rachel B shows you how to push your tightwire skills – without a tightwire – using outdoor balancing objects!

In Tightwire 1, Rachel B showed you how to use household objects to practice your balancing in the home. In Tightwire 2, Rachel challenges you to find some safe outdoor objects to practice with.

A kerbstone is a safe and effective tightwire substitute. When you get confident, you could also use a low bench, a low wall, or even – as Tom shows – something to balance on without walking, like some logs.

Rachel shows you how to practice your tightwire moves on a kerbstone. Try your half turn, your dip step, and your sit down stand up moves.

You can also try cartwheels, but remember that this is very tricky – Rachel recommends practicing on a painted line on the floor first.

Can you do all of the tricks shown in Tightwire 2?

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