Difficulty: Medium

Safety Warning: As always, make sure you have plenty of space and remember that hula hoops can hurt if you bash yourself, or others, by accident. If possible we recommend practicing outside!

Elly is back with Hula Hoop 2, to show you more hula hooping tricks! In this video you’ll learn how to move the hoop up your body, from your waist up to your chest This encompasses waist, chest and neck hooping!

First, Elly shows you how to hula hoop on your waist by pushing your belly button forwards and backwards, and engaging your abs. Then, you’ll learn how to hula hoop on your neck by moving from left to right.

You’ll build up to chest hooping by learning how to put each arm into the hoop when you’re neck hooping first. This is difficult, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a while!

When you’ve mastered this, reach both arms up to achieve your chest hooping! Elly also shows you how to start this from pushing the hoop from just under your armpits, or from the waist upwards.

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