Difficulty: Medium

Safety Warning: You should warm up first, and work at your own pace to avoid over-stretching or pulling muscles.

Jono leads you through a 5 minute arms and legs workout. This workout focuses on individual limb strengthening as each exercise is practiced on one side and then the other.

You will need a weight for the first exercise. In the tutorial Jono is using 1.25kg weight, but you could use something heavier or lighter depending on your difficulty level. A full bottle of water or a even a kettle could be used as an alternative.

First up ‘weight holds’. Hold both arms out straight ahead of you so they stay in alignment with your shoulder. In one hand hold a weight for 30 seconds. At 30 seconds swap hands but keep your other arm outstretched.

Next is ‘single leg squats’. With one leg bent out of the way, sink down on the other and then push yourself into the air. Compress the landing and continue directly into the next squat.

After this do ‘single leg Calf Raises’. Keeping one leg bent up and use control to lift up on to the ball of your foot and back down continuously. At 30 seconds swap legs again.

Then you will do 1 minute of alternating arm and leg plank raises. Lifting opposite arm and leg in to the air and back down. Try to focus on keep your core engaged, and your arms underneath your shoulders.

Finally you’ll finish with 1 minute of Cossack Squats. Stand in a wide straddle, and sink into a deep squat on one side, extend back up, and then sink back down on to the other side.

Once you have finished conditioning you should have a small stretch to cool down your muscles.

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