Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: As always, make sure you have plenty of space so that you don’t hit anyone or anything with your hula hoop.

Elly shows you how to do a hula hoop elevator skip! Start by placing the hoop on the floor, out to one side of your body. Step your leg into the hoop from the front to the back (if you step in the other way, the trick won’t work).

Next, fold the hoop across your body towards the opposite hip and catch it in your other hand. As you do this, step your second leg into the hoop as well. Next, fold the hoop up over your head and all the way down to the floor. Keep your hand close to your hip and use your wrist to fold the hoop over your head.

Then, jump or step both legs inside the hoop. Lift the hoop up to waist height and push it around to start waist spinning. Your hula hoop elevator skip is complete! You can pull the hoop out to the side to get more momentum, and add a turn to help the hoop spin around your waist and make it look more fancy.

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Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: Make sure you have plenty of space when hula hooping – remember that they can not only knock things over, but they’ll hurt if you hit yourself or somebody else!

Elly shows you the basics of hand hooping, and teaches you a swapping hands trick to create a hand hoop ‘W’ in the air!

First, start off by learning how to keep the hoop spinning on your hand. Use a right angle hand shape so that your thumb keeps the hoop from slipping further up your arm. Move your whole body up and down to keep the momentum!

Practice catching the hoop and changing direction. Practice on both hands, then learn how to swap hands. Bring your free hand alongside your hooping hand, like you’re clapping your hands together. Then, withdraw your original hand and voila!

When you’ve got the hang of this, you can make a smooth hand hoop ‘W’ shape by doing one spin on each hand before swapping. It looks really cool and is an easy and fun trick to learn!

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Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: As always, be careful of catching yourself, or any surrounding people or objects, with your hoop as you work. Work in a clear open space wherever possible.

In Hula Hoop 3, Sophie shows you how to do an Escalator trick! This great move makes the hoop travel quickly up and across your body.

With the hoop to the side of your body, step the leg closest to the hoop through the middle of your hoop and back. The hoop is now on the middle of your calf.

Swing the hoop to the opposite side of your body, and step your other leg through. You can now bring the hoop up around your torso, over your other arm and head until it’s off your body completely.

Bring the hoop over your head and out to the side and hinge it to the front to catch in your other hand.

Practice it slowly a few times, and then start to build up speed. Eventually, you’ll be able to do it all in one swift motion!

Sophie shows each step of the move in this video, as well as showing you a handy side view.

When you’ve mastered this, you can try a slightly harder version of the Escalator by letting go of the hoop when you swing it across your body. Swing hard to give the hoop enough momentum to travel up your body!

Remember to stamp your foot through the hoop at the right time, to avoid hitting your shin when you swing the hoop.

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Difficulty: Medium

Safety Warning: As always, make sure you have plenty of space and remember that hula hoops can hurt if you bash yourself, or others, by accident. If possible we recommend practicing outside!

Elly is back with Hula Hoop 2, to show you more hula hooping tricks! In this video you’ll learn how to move the hoop up your body, from your waist up to your chest This encompasses waist, chest and neck hooping!

First, Elly shows you how to hula hoop on your waist by pushing your belly button forwards and backwards, and engaging your abs. Then, you’ll learn how to hula hoop on your neck by moving from left to right.

You’ll build up to chest hooping by learning how to put each arm into the hoop when you’re neck hooping first. This is difficult, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a while!

When you’ve mastered this, reach both arms up to achieve your chest hooping! Elly also shows you how to start this from pushing the hoop from just under your armpits, or from the waist upwards.

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Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: Make sure you have enough space to practice your hula hooping before you start

Time to dust off your hula hoops and learn a four-trick sequence with Elly!

In Hula Hoop 1, Elly walks you through four moves that you can use to create a stylish sequence! Learn each move first and practice them individually, then string them all together and practice your whole routine.

First, you’ll learn Around The Back To Waist. Then, Elly shows you the Elbow Catch & Flip, followed by a Step-Through move. To finish, you’ll learn a Two-Handed Coin Flip. Add some waist hooping in between, and you’ll have your very own hula hooping routine!

Don’t worry if you haven’t perfected your waist hooping yet – you can still learn these moves and practice your waist hooping at the same time!

If you haven’t got a hula hoop at home, why not order one online? We get a lot of our kit from Oddballs Juggling (and they even have a handy guide to choosing your hula hoop) – but there are plenty of places to order a hula hoop from.

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