Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: As always, be careful of catching yourself, or any surrounding people or objects, with your hoop as you work. Work in a clear open space wherever possible.

In Hula Hoop 3, Sophie shows you how to do an Escalator trick! This great move makes the hoop travel quickly up and across your body.

With the hoop to the side of your body, step the leg closest to the hoop through the middle of your hoop and back. The hoop is now on the middle of your calf.

Swing the hoop to the opposite side of your body, and step your other leg through. You can now bring the hoop up around your torso, over your other arm and head until it’s off your body completely.

Bring the hoop over your head and out to the side and hinge it to the front to catch in your other hand.

Practice it slowly a few times, and then start to build up speed. Eventually, you’ll be able to do it all in one swift motion!

Sophie shows each step of the move in this video, as well as showing you a handy side view.

When you’ve mastered this, you can try a slightly harder version of the Escalator by letting go of the hoop when you swing it across your body. Swing hard to give the hoop enough momentum to travel up your body!

Remember to stamp your foot through the hoop at the right time, to avoid hitting your shin when you swing the hoop.

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